feat: 🎸 Initial public release rileyjshaw/rileyjshaw.github.io

After much dawdling, I'm publishing my new site on the last day of the
decade 🎊 This commit removes the "new" subdomain from
https://rileyjshaw.com. My old site is already mirrored at
https://v14.rileyjshaw.com, and will remain there.

This commit also upgrades project dependencies, and adds a whole bunch of
commit linters and hooks to keep commits consistent. Specifically, I added

to keep commits easy and consistent. I'm writing this description through a
CLI – it feels like the future. Get used to that feat: tag in the commit

Eventually I'd like to add an automated Changelog with
Semantic Release, but
I'll save that for another day. For now,
enjoy my new, faster, shinier, live on the internet, totally rad new site!

BREAKING CHANGE: Moves the site from new.rileyjshaw.com to rileyjshaw.com